Is my session only cake smashing photos?
Only the second half of the session involves cake smashing and bath time photos.  We will shoot two other setups beforehand to give you a well-rounded gallery of images. It is important to have photos of your baby to document them at this age separate from the cake smashing ones.

What should my baby wear?
I usually so 2 setups with the baby before the cake smash portion of the session. I have knit pants, ties, etc as well as crates and bowls. Parents can also bring a nice outfit to use for one of the setups. Once we're done with those photos, we move on to the cake smash! Most parents either find a cute outfit or have their baby wear only a diaper cover for the smash. I recommend matching the outfit and balloons to the cake you choose.

What kind of cake is best?
Some babies have allergies (milk, eggs, gluten, peanut, etc), so I recommend letting your bakery know about any allergies to ensure that baby doesn't have an adverse reactions during the session. You can choose whatever theme, style, or color you like!

What do I bring to my cake smash session?
- 2 outfits (1 before cake smash and 1 during)
- Extra clothes for baby to go home in
- Plastic bag for the dirty clothes
- Towel for baby once we're all finished with bath-time photos
- Box or tupperware for cake
- Extra water for baby (Babies get very thirsty once they start eating the cake!)
- Balloons, pendants, poufs, etc.
- Baby’s favorite toys & snacks, just in case!