This is such a unique and special time in your life, maternity photography is the perfect way to tastefully record this moment so you can remember it always. In addition to your individual portrait, you may want to include images of you with your partner and your children.

This session is usually scheduled for sometime within the 32-36 week gestation period. It can be done sooner though if you feel that you have a nice pronounced bump. Please bring a robe for easy changes, and also a strapless bra and boy short style underwear in nude and black if you have them. If you have a specific outfit you would like to be photographed in, please feel free to bring it. Tight fitted long dresses and tops are a good option as well to accentuate your beautiful shape. If the other parent and/or other children would like to be incorporated in some of the images, we suggest that everyone wear either the same color or colors that compliment each other. Solids are best for this. We have a variety of different colored fabrics and laces here at the studio that you are welcome to use if you would like to do some fabric wrapped images.  Also feel free to bring a sonogram picture, sentimental items, family heirlooms, or items from the baby's nursery or shower with you that you may like to incorporate. This session may be done outside on location as well as long as it is within 10 miles of our studio.

Most mothers-to-be are seeking semi-clothed poses. If you would like to include some nude or partial-nude images I am happy to capture these for you as well. I do have maternity gowns, tutus, fabrics, & drapes that I can wrap around you in various ways.