When baby is ready for sitting but not yet on the go, we will capture him/her at the roly-poly happy phase, when those big grins and belly laughs are lighting up your life. Sitting babies make the absolute best models, since they are easily amused with peek-a-boo and squeaky toys. This is also the perfect age to do naked or diaper only portraits, as their baby rolls are visible. Parents may also serve as a spotter for extra safety to make sure baby is always safe.
I have accessories and props for use in the studio, but I recommend that parents bring 2 outfits and any personal items (favorite toy, blanket, etc.) so we can incorporate them in a few shots. Portraits at this stage capture the beginnings of those dynamic personalities that will be with you forever.



Try to schedule the session according to baby’s nap time, so baby will be awake and happy.

Bring along a few of their favorite toys and snacks, as these can come in handy during the session.

Try to give your baby a snack prior to arriving, so they will be nice and full before we begin.