We know that once your baby is born, you’ll have a lot on your mind, and selecting a photographer might not be first on your list. That’s why it’s best to book your baby’s photo session between two and four months before your due date. Once your little one makes his or her big entrance, let us know the news, and we will coordinate with you to choose a day for the photo session, or keep the date previously booked if baby is born right on time. Newborn photographs should be taken before the baby is two weeks old, and ideally within the first ten days. Babies younger than 10 days old are less fussy, sleep deeply, and are not yet affected by infant acne – making it more likely that we’ll get the results you want.

The Day of your Session Prep:

We recommend that you try to keep baby awake on the way to the session and ask that baby arrive ready for the next feeding so that they relax and fall into a deep sleep. If you are feeding formula or bottle feeding breast milk please bring PLENTY (at least 8oz) of extra food. I know that sounds like a lot, but modeling is hard work and babies tend to work up an appetite looking so adorable! The idea behind this VERY IMPORTANT step is to tire baby, feed them, and allow them to drift off into a peaceful sleep. Sleepy babies photograph perfectly, so Lara will undress and swaddle baby before the feeding so as not to disturb them by undressing them after the feeding. We take several breaks for feeding baby during the session to ensure that baby is happy and has a full tummy. We ask that you not be too concerned with scheduled feedings during the session, as baby might need to feed when they get a bit fussy to ensure their comfort and a smooth session.

Please bring a pacifier, even if you are not using one yet. We can usually do without one, but once in a while it helps baby settle when almost posed. If the baby doesn’t settle easily without sucking, the session goes much smoother if baby can take a pacifier for a few minutes. We will be able to get more variety in your pictures.

Please bring plenty of diapers, wipes, and blankets to wrap your baby in. While in between poses I will loosely place a diaper on your baby to protect you and have you wrap them in a nice warm blanket.

Please bring PLENTY of liquid for yourself to drink. The room gets very warm (about 85 degrees) so it is important that you stay hydrated, especially if you are breastfeeding. I also have plenty of bottled water just in case!

I definitely welcome sibling/family shots during a newborn session. These family shots will be taken right at the beginning of the session, so that parents and siblings can then relax. If you have small children that you would like to incorporate into your newborn session we ask that they be dropped off for the first half hour, as these sessions can be long and boring for toddlers to sit through. If this isn't a possibility, please bring something for the older children while they are not being photographed (coloring books, games, snacks, juice, milk, etc...). One of the parents may also go home with older siblings if they choose, to limit disturbing baby during the rest of the session.

The Ins and Outs of each session:

Each newborn session typically averages between 2-3 hours and is booked for 3 hours. Please allocate your time for the full 3 hours. This is extremely important as we operate on “Baby time” so patience is very important for both the photographer and Mom & Dad. Poses take time to perfect and sometimes baby will fuss a little before they relax into the pose I put them in. Please know that I will never put baby in danger or allow fussing to become anything more than that. We will work with the baby and if the baby doesn’t like a pose we will move on to something different. Someone will be right with baby at all times. I may ask you to assist me with a hand, finger or just stand next to baby within arm’s reach.

Baby is tastefully nude in most of the photographs (which is why the studio is so warm), and baby can be swaddled in cloth or wear accessories, provided by the photographer. Baby is kept warm by space heaters and soothed by white noise. Because baby is nude most of the time, there is a very high chance something or someone will get soiled. It happens all the time, it’s just part of the job. Linens are all cleaned prior to each session.

Quick checklist:

– Please bring something for the older children while they are not being photographed (coloring books, games, snacks, juice, milk, etc...). 
– If you are breastfeeding, try to avoid caffeine, spicy foods, gassy foods, acidic foods, or any other foods that may upset your baby’s stomach 48 hours before the session.
– Please bring a pacifier and bottles of formula/ breast milk.
– Keep the baby awake for 2-3 hours before the session starts if possible so baby will sleep well during the session.
– Bring change of clothes for everyone in case of accidents.

If parents would like to be included please bring a long-sleeve or sleeveless top. We suggest something simple and for both parents to wear either the same color or colors that compliment each other. Solids or subtle patterns are best for this as not to draw attention away from baby in the images. Feel free to bring your own props to the session however it is not necessary because you will have full access to all of our props here in the studio. If you decide to purchase some prop items from ETSY, we usually suggest that you purchase KNIT items as opposed to CROCHET. Knit items tend to be a much softer look on babies than the bulky crochet items. Also feel free to bring any sentimental items, family heirlooms, or items from the baby's nursery or shower with you that you may like to incorporate.